new uv print
  • Our parasols utilize a specialized UV printing process that is changing the world of digital printing Not only is UV ink environmentally friendly, as it does not release VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) into the atmosphere, but it also ensures long-lasting, vibrant print that radically improves the outdoor lifespan. Our high quality UV print on heavy duty fabric makes us a forerunner in this new era of outdoor branding
  • The Parasol has an octagonal anodized aluminum pole making it durable and stable
  • The Parasol Pole can be supplied as a fixed peice or as a collapsible unit. The option allows the bottom half of the pole to slide inside the top half of the pole, making the product easier to handle and transport
  • Supplied with a slip cover to protect the product in transit and storage
  • Concrete Bases and attachments are sold separately

Weight of concrete base: 25kgs
– hollow plastic base: 3,6kgs (with water 27kgs) – rubber base: 30kgs

Print Options
1) Screen print direct to fabric or digital print on white
2) UV print to fabric – all over print
3) Screen to dye flood coat

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